photo of Saké Master Ayaka Ito

Saké Master ~ Ayaka Ito

Ayaka was born in Nagoya, Japan. She began living abroad when she was 16 in Canada and from there continued to Hawaii and South Korea for several more years; experiencing many diverse cultures and lifestyles along the way. The world of saké was introduced to her when she was working as a long-term volunteer in Miyagi prefecture after The Great Eastern Japan Earthquake. Eastern Japan carries a good variety of local saké and it was an eye-opening experience for her to come upon this time-honored gem in her own homeland. From there she discovered her life passion: to proudly to introduce the national beverage of her country by becoming a certified Sake Master. In 2014 she achieved this goal in becoming a Sake Master but felt that her journey had only just begun. To expand her knowledge and to fulfil her curiosity, she visited a variety of Sake breweries throughout Japan. She has been one of the leading of authorities on sake in Southern California and has brought that to BESHOCK since its inception 3 years ago. She truly enjoys bringing the story of sake to San Diego.

Enjoy the Many Temperatures of Sake

Some people have the misconception that cooler or warm sakes are more valuable than hot sake. However, that is not always the case. There are various terminologies for sake, beyond just hot and cold; each separated by nearly 5℃. At BeShock, we offer a variety of good warm and hot sake, each one served at a perfect temperature to maximize its unique characteristics.

30℃ (86°F): Hinata-Kan – Sunbathing Temperature

35℃ (95°F): Hitohada-Kan – Body Temperature

40℃ (104°F): Nuru-Kan – Lukewarm Temperature

45℃ (113°F): Jo-Kan – Warmer Temperature

50℃ (122°F): Atsu-Kan – Hot Temperature, the standard temperature of “hot sake” in the USA

55-60℃ (131-140°F): Tobikiri-Kan – Exceptionally Hot Temperature

Container-Enhancing Experiences

At BeShock, we serve our sake in a variety of drinking vessels to bring out the best characteristics of each type that we offer. Traditional sake is most often served in a shot glass, misguiding people to consume their rice wine in a rapid, shot-like manner. However, we encourage our guests to sip and savor every flavor that their sake has to offer. Sake that falls in the aromatic, mellow and elegant category is served in a wine glass to capture its delicate flavor. Fresh and smooth sake is delivered in a champagne glass to celebrate its smooth, refined texture and sharp finish. Traditional sakes are served in a Masu Box so guests can savor the cultural experience and the taste of Hinoki-infused flavor that comes from the wooden box.

Food-Sake Pairings

Sake is known worldwide as a beverage that not only complements a variety of foods, it can also bring out the flavors of what is being eaten. That’s why BeShock’s menu offers an irresistible variety of appetizers to pair with the diverse range of sake that we offer. These appetizers are a must to try with your sake!

Cheese Platter – sake and cheese both carry the same lactic acid qualities so they naturally pair well.

Bagna Cauda – our Bagna Cauda is made with a miso, anchovy and garlic-based dipping sauce. The fermented seasoning in the miso and the saltiness from the anchovy complete the taste experience, as sake contains the four senses of taste (sweetness, sourness, bitterness and umami) but does not contain salt.

Koji Karaage – chicken marinated with Koji, known as a traditional Japanese seasoning, creates this authentic dish. Koji is also used in the sake brewing process so the two accompany each other very nicely.