About us

Are you ready to BESHOCK? Our new Japanese restaurant in San Diego just opened and we are ready to "sake" things up a little!


Established in 2016 in downtown San Diego’s East Village, BESHOCK Ramen & Sake Bar is a new concept Ramen restaurant that offers both authentic Japanese and global cuisines and gives them a twist of San Diego flavor to bring “Glocalization” to San Diego.

Beshock Ramen was established after co-founders Kumi Ito, Ayaka Ito, and Masaki Yamauchi’s extensive three-year Ramen research in Japan and all over the states. Ramen is Japanese soul food that people enjoyed on a daily basis, and the BESHOCK team envision is a culinary hotspot tailored to suit the daily lives of busy San Diegans seeking meals that won’t leave them feeling “heavy” or over-indulged. BESHOCK carefully selects ingredients and combines a mix of local vegetables and uses Japanese traditional seasonings to give the ramen a noticeably lighter tonkotsu with tons of flavors in depth.

Co-founder, Ayaka Ito, originally from Nagoya, Japan, brings her enthusiasm for sake to the table. Achieving the prestigious Sake Master Certification in 2014, she uses her knowledge and mastery to provide excellent food-sake pairings and flights for customers to experience the world of sake. The restaurant’s sakes are hand selected with an emphasis on pairing the flavors from each dish to its sake counterpart. Also born in Nagoya, Japan, co-founder Masaki Yamauchi, has lived in several American culinary hotspots including New York, Los Angeles, and Hawaii. Masaki dove head first into his fascination for food and culture during his time in each of these locations. His culinary passion, design background, and attention to detail have made BESHOCK a recognized and innovative ramen restaurant in San Diego.