Ramen and Sake Specialist Arriving Soon in Carlsbad

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The newest addition to North County’s ramen scene hails from the East Village, where Beshock Ramen & Sake Bar debuted on Market Street back in the fall of 2016. The eatery has roots in Japan, where co-owner Ayaka Ito’s family runs a restaurant in her hometown of Nagoya. Founded with childhood friend Masaki Yamauchi, Beshock opens at The Shoppes at Carlsbad in early February.

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— Candice Woo

BESHOCK Ramen & Sake Bar Expands To North County

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The East Village mainstay, BESHOCK Ramen & Sake Bar, is expanding its award-winning concept to North County. Soft opened to the public last Monday, February 10th, with Grand Opening set on March 1st, the newest location is within The Shoppes at Carlsbad, and is situated next to diverse hospitality tenants, including Pluck and Lucha Libre Tacos.

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A Sake Master In Craft Beer Land

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Until the 1990s, most Americans knew tequila as harsh devil juice you slammed as quickly as possible before spending the next few hours in a sombrero, ruining lives. If you paid more than $10 a bottle, you were probably not a math major. Early tequila imported to the U.S. was subpar bordering on vile, mostly a mixta (51 percent agave, 49 percent "other sugars"). Then in 1989, Patrón marketed the idea of premium tequila with 100 percent blue Weber agave priced at almost $50 a bottle.

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— Troy Johnson

Where to Find Vegan Ramen in San Diego

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Kumi Ito’s complex vegan broth comes thanks to shio kogi—a fermented rice paste that add sweet funk to all it touches. Blended into soy milk and ladled over a knot of Sun Noodles, the vegan ramen is finished with cherry tomatoes, sweet peas, cauliflower, baby corn and broccoli.

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— Kelly Bone

Where to Eat Ramen in San Diego

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BESHOCK pulls double duty as a ramen shop and a sake bar, with impressive options on both sides of the menu thanks to sake master and owner Ayaka Ito. Her broth is made from a lighter, proprietary mix of pork, chicken and vegetables simmered for 10 hours. There are chicken and soy-based ramens, as well.

Mix of pork, chicken and vegetables

— Jackie Bryan